Banks Banks

What banks can I sync?

How many banks or bank accounts can I sync?

Can I use Xunnel in other countries?

Synchronization Synchronization

Why are my bank accounts transactions not downloaded, if they are already registered?

Do I have to register my accounts every time I synchronize?

How often do movements sync to Odoo?

Is it a manual or automatic process?

¿Qué pasa si configuro la cuenta en el diario para sincronizar con Xunnel y no le establezco una fecha de ultima sincronización?

Support Support

What is the support response time?

Is there a package for configuring the App?

What support does the license payment guarantee cover?

Is the migration (use of new version) of Xunnel cost?

How can I delete an account?

Requirements Requirements

Does it work in Odoo Community?

What Versions of Odoo Enterprise Does It Work In?

What modules in Odoo do you need to operate?

Can I operate Xunnel in Mexico without Vauxoo location?

Invoices Invoices

Do you download 500 invoices and 500 bank transactions, or 1000 movements in total?

When I download an invoice to Odoo, is the invoice automatically created for me?

If I have already created a supplier invoice in Odoo and Xunnel, the download of the SAT, does Odoo recognize it or duplicate the invoice?

Who bills the Xunnel service?