Banks Banks

What banks can I sync?

How many banks or bank accounts can I sync?

Can I use Xunnel in other countries?

Synchronization Synchronization

Why are my bank accounts transactions not downloaded, if they are already registered?

Do I have to register my accounts every time I synchronize?

How often do movements sync to Odoo?

Is it a manual or automatic process?

¿Qué pasa si configuro la cuenta en el diario para sincronizar con Xunnel y no le establezco una fecha de ultima sincronización?

Support Support

What is the support response time?

Is there a package for configuring the App?

What support does the license payment guarantee cover?

Is the migration (use of new version) of Xunnel cost?

Requirements Requirements

Does it work in Odoo Community?

What Versions of Odoo Enterprise Does It Work In?

What modules in Odoo do you need to operate?

Can I operate Xunnel in Mexico without Vauxoo location?

Invoices Invoices

Do you download 500 invoices and 500 bank transactions, or 1000 movements in total?

When I download an invoice to Odoo, is the invoice automatically created for me?

If I have already created a supplier invoice in Odoo and Xunnel, the download of the SAT, does Odoo recognize it or duplicate the invoice?

Who bills the Xunnel service?